मैं याद नहीं करना चाहता…

जब भी मुझसे कोई कहता है कि तुम्हारी बहुत याद आयेगी, तो मुझे कभी भी इसका जवाब देते नहीं बनता। “मुझे भी बहुत आयेगी,” ये कहना मुझे बहुत अजीब लगता है। मुझे लगता है कि किसी को ये बताना कि वो उनको याद करेंगे, बहुत ही गलत होता है। आपको किसी से ये नहीं बोलना […]

Tech Talks

‘How do you feel when I’m not around you?,’ she asked curiously.   ‘The anxiety level of mine and of a person looking for his mobile charger to fill his drained battery is same when you’re not around me,’ he replied after a pause. “Huh, So I’m like a charger to you?’ she, clearly was […]


This is my life peddling between parent’s aspiration and my true calling. By default an engineer and aspiring to be in the league of writers, the only thing I have lost is a bit of self respect. I will explain. True calling is always a departure from the normal and people will judge you if […]

A Father

It was a usual Indian Baaraat. He was seeing people dancing madly on the road. Some were drunk. Some were sober. Some were trying to be too decent while checking on hot ones. Some were just keeping pace with crowd. He saw the same thing. Every night from last 15 years, sometimes even two or […]

Do they need light?

It was a mild evening of the chilled winter. They were sitting on the verandah of their’ house while maid had been finishing the daily chores. She was about to go. Her father and mother were still busy in their office. Her Grandmother was her sole companion through her childhood. That day too, Darkness started […]

Fashion Tips For Short Man to look taller

Life is short, and so are some men in the world, but the bright side of life always belongs to the small things, which do not get the due attention. Short men too have the same problem – They often get overlooked in the world of tall men, the world with the average height of […]


Few days ago, I met a girl. And from the first moment when I saw her, to this moment, there’s not been a single moment for which she’s out of my organ, responsible for my memory management. At first when I saw her, she was wearing a Pink jacket matching with colors of her cheeks, […]